Apr 24 2012

The Taxi Takes On The World

Hi after a long time! I know The Taxi Takes has been in hibernation.

Since I last blogged, I got married in New Delhi, India and also moved into a new place in Bozeman, Montana.There are no taxis here. No, apparently I was told – there are TWO. Well since I last blogged a lot of other bigger things have happened all around the globe – the Arab Spring, Egyptians crying in the streets for their freedom and all the chaotic and unjust happenings in Afghanistan and Iraq continue against the protest. The Mumbai attacks have become part of India’s long tryst with terrorism and The Food Network started a new show ;Sandra’s Money Saving Meals’ probably in response to the slow economy in America and the global meltdown since 2008.

Meanwhile as the world turns I imagine taxis plowing the streets and small speech bubble like clouds rising and buzzing over the globe. So now I want to hear the chats that are happening in Beirut, Cairo, Lisbon, London, Sao Paolo  and Marrakesh. I want to hear ‘The Taxi Takes On The World.’

I am getting my work area cleared up, buying new printer cartridges and gearing up to start the next phase of The Taxi Takes -  a crowd sourced web documentary titled ‘The Taxi Takes On The World‘. It will be an interactive online portal with user generated video content from taxis from around the globe. And the good news is that the stars are all aligned so I will get a chance to launch a small chapter of this project at the next ISEA (International Symposium on Electronic Art) – Machine Wilderness in New Mexico where The Taxi Takes On The World has been accepted from 1500 submissions.

Consider this blog post the first bugle call to announce this next big project I am going to be undertaking. Lets create a buzz and get people talking. And yes if you are in a taxi, get chatting with your driver and swipe out your smart phone. Also if this project sounds good to you and you’d like to be involved… drop me a note. – Vandana Sood-Giddings on about.me


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One Response to “The Taxi Takes On The World”

  • Steve Gorelick Says:

    Absolutely thrilled to see the rebirth! This will have life and resonance because it gives one of the greatest gifts of all — listening!


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